2022 Harley-Davidson® RH1250S Sportster® S

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2256 mi
Vivid Black
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2022 Harley-Davidson® RH1250S Sportster® S



ESTIMATED CITY/HWY 49 mpg (4.8 l/100 km)

The Sportster S model is designed to deliver a riding experience rooted in the thrill of unleashing extraordinary power in the act of dynamic acceleration, tempered by invisible technology. Stop light

Sportster S is the first chapter of a whole new book of the Sportster saga. A legacy born in 1957 that outperformed the competition is now rebuilt to blow away the standards of today.

Extended Service Plans Available on 15-calendar-year-old and newer motorcycles with fewer than 60K miles.



A category created by the venerable Sportster. Iconic design, authentic sound. These are bikes built for carving mountain roads, and blasting through city streets.

•    Stretched riding position

•    Forward foot controls

•    Low

•    Rider safety enhancements available

•    Revolution Max 1250T Powertrain

•    94 ft. lbs. Torque

•    121 Horsepower

•    Weight (As Shipped/Running Order): 487/502 pounds

•    4-inch Round TFT Display Screen

•    Bluetooth Connectivity and Moving Maps Navigation

•    Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements including ABS and Traction Control

•    Selectable and Customizable Ride Modes

•    All LED Lighting Adjustable Performance Suspension

•    Cruise Control


•    Riders who desire top-of-the-line performance and stunning style

•    Aggressive riding with sport bike agility and handling

•    Making a statement and standing out from the crowd



All-new Revolution Max 1250T

The next chapter in a century of legendary V-Twins is here. Revolution Max is a liquid-cooled powertrain with double overhead camshafts and variable valve timing: offering ample torque and an immediate powerband tuned to maximize rider control.

High Mount Exhaust

Inspired by the glory days of H-D flat-track racing, the pipes are crafted from corrosion-resistant 304-series stainless steel and engineered to deflect exhaust heat away from the rider’s legs and tail section.

Sportster S gas tank close-up


Classic Meets Modern: 4” Round Display

Everything you need to know is housed in a Bluetooth-equipped, 4” round thin-film transistor LCD display: digital gauges, indicators, ride modes, and turn-by-turn navigation with the Harley-Davidson app. All functions are accessed via buttons on the left- and right-hand controls.

Riding Sportster S on street


Choose Your Ride Mode

Flick a switch and choose from 3 pre-programmed Ride Modes (Sport, Road, and Rain) or create your own custom mode — tuning your bike with a specific combination of power delivery, engine braking, Cornering Enhanced Antilock Braking System (C-ABS) and Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS) settings.

Studio shot of Sportster S


Dual Purpose Powertrain

The Revolution Max 1250T is a structural component of the motorcycle chassis, eliminating a traditional frame — which significantly reduces overall weight and keeps handling precise. This is performance you can feel, with the center of gravity low and the chassis super rigid.


Engine    RH1250S Sportster S    Notes

Engine    Revolution Max 1250T    

Valves    Chain-driven, DOHC, hydraulic self-adjusting lifters, intake & exhaust VVT; four valves per cylinder    

Bore    4.134 in. (105 mm)    

Stroke    2.846 in. (72.3 mm)    

Displacement    76.4 cu in (1,252 cc)    

Compression Ratio    12.0:1    

Fuel System    Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)    3

Air Cleaner    Downdraft intake, tuned velocity stacks, washable filter media    

Exhaust    2-into-1-into-2; catalyst in muffler    

Lubrication System    Semi-Dry Sump    

 Drivetrain    RH1250S Sportster S    Notes

Primary Drive    Gear, 49/89 ratio    

Final Drive    Belt, 34/80 ratio    

Clutch    Mechanical, 8 plate wet, assist & slip, 1090N    

Transmission    6-speed    

Gear Ratios (overall) 1st    12.21    

Gear Ratios (overall) 2nd    9.022    

Gear Ratios (overall) 3rd    6.994    

Gear Ratios (overall) 4th    5.641    

Gear Ratios (overall) 5th    4.731    

Gear Ratios (overall) 6th    4.131    

 Chassis    RH1250S Sportster S    Notes

Frame    Stressed-member, high strength low alloy steel trellis frame; stamped, cast, and forged junctions; MIG welded; aluminum forged mid-structure    

Swingarm    High strength low alloy steel, tubular sections, stamped x-member, forged axle junctions; MIG welded    

Front Fork    43 mm inverted fork with compression, rebound and spring preload adjustability. Aluminum fork triple clamps.    

Front Fork, Optional        

Rear Shocks    Linkage-mounted, piggyback monoshock with compression, rebound and hydraulic spring preload adjustability    

Rear Shocks, Optional        

Wheels, Optional Style Type    N/A    4

Wheels, Front Type    Aluminum cast, satin black    4

Wheels, Front Width    4.5 in. (114 mm)    

Wheels, Front Height    17 in. (432 mm)    

Wheels, Rear Type    Aluminum cast, satin black    4

Wheels, Rear Width    5 in. (127 mm)    

Wheels, Rear Height    16 in. (406 mm)    

Brakes, Caliper Type    Front: radially mounted, monoblock, 4-piston caliper Rear: floating, single piston caliper    

Brakes, Rotor Type    Front: single rotor, floating, tower- mounted Rear: solid uniform expansion rotor    

Brakes, Front Diameter    12.6 in. (320 mm)    

Brakes, Front Thickness    0.2 in. (6 mm)    

Brakes, Front is dual    No    

Brakes, Rear Diameter    10.2 in. (260 mm)    

Brakes, Rear Thickness    0.2 in. (5 mm)    

Front brake lever free travel    N/A    

Rear brake pedal free travel    N/A    

Brakes, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)    Standard    

Suspension Travel, Front    3.6 in. (92 mm)    

Suspension Travel, Rear    2 in. (51 mm)    

 Performance    RH1250S Sportster S    Notes

Engine Torque Testing Method    J1349    

Engine Torque    94 ft-lb (127 Nm)    5

Engine Torque (rpm)    6,000    

Power (Hp/kW)    121 HP / 90 kW @ 7500 rpm    

Lean Angle Testing Method    J1168    

Lean Angle, Right (deg.)    34    

Lean Angle, Left (deg.)    34    

Maximum hill-starting ability    N/A    

Fuel Economy Testing Method    Estimated City/Hwy    

Fuel Economy    49 mpg (4.8 l/100 km)    6

CO₂ Emissions Testing Method    N/A    

CO₂ Emissions    N/A    

Dimensions    RH1250S Sportster S    Notes

Length    89.4 in. (2,270 mm)    

Overall Width    33.1 in. (840 mm)    

Overall Height    42.7 in. (1,085 mm)    

Seat Height, Laden    28.9 in. (734 mm)    2

Seat Height, Laden (Low seat position)        

Seat Height, Laden (High seat position)        

Seat Height, Laden (Low seat position with optional ARH suspension)        

Seat Height, Laden (High seat position with optional ARH suspension)        

Seat Height, Unladen    30.1 in. (765 mm)    

Seat Height, Unladen (Low seat position)        

Seat Height, Unladen (High seat position)        

Seat Height, Unladen (Low seat position with optional ARH suspension)        

Seat Height, Unladen (High seat position with optional ARH suspension)        

Static Ground Clearance    3.5 in. (90 mm)    

Dynamic Ground Clearance (with optional suspension)        

Rake (steering head) (deg)    30    

Fork Angle (deg)    28    

Trail    5.8 in. (148 mm)    

Wheelbase    59.8 in. (1,520 mm)    

Tires, Type    Dunlop Harley-Davidson Series, radial    

Tires, Front Model    GT503    

Tires, Front Specification    160/70R17 73V    

Tires, Rear Model    GT503    

Tires, Rear Specification    180/70R16 77V    

Fuel Capacity    3.1 gal. (11.8 l)    

Reserve Fuel Capacity, Fuel Injection (warning light)    0.8 gal. (3 l)    

Oil Capacity (w/filter)    4.75 qt. (4.5 l)    

Transmission Capacity    N/A    

Primary Chain Case Capacity    N/A    

Coolant Capacity    2.32 qt. (2.2 l)    

Weight, As Shipped    487 lb. (221 kg)    

Weight, In Running Order    502 lb. (228 kg)    

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating    922 lb. (418 kg)    

Gross Axle Weight Rating, Front    359 lb. (163 kg)    

Gross Axle Weight Rating, Rear    595 lb. (270 kg)    

Luggage Capacity -Volume    N/A    

Electric    RH1250S Sportster S    Notes

Battery    Sealed, maintenance-free, absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery, 12V, 12Ah, 225 CCA at 0°F    

Charging    Three-phase, 45 Amp system (300 Watts @13 Volts, 1200 rpm, 585 Watts max power @ 13 Volts, 2250 rpm)    

Starting    0.9 kW electric with direct drive starter motor engagement    

Lights (as per country regulation), Headlamp    All LED headlamp, low and high beam with signature position lighting    

Lights (as per country regulation), Tail/Stop    All LED Tail/Stop lamp with signature tail lighting    

Lights (as per country regulation), Front Signal Lights    LED Bullet Turn Signals    

Lights, Rear Turn Signals    LED Bullet Turn Signals    

Gauges    4 inch viewable area TFT display with speedometer, gear, odometer, fuel level, clock, trip, ambient temp, low temp alert, side stand down alert, TIP over alert, cruise, range and tachometer indication BT capable – phone pairing to access phone calls, music, navigation (H-D App ONLY)    

Auxiliary Lamps    N/A    

Electric Power Outlet    USB C-Type , Output 5V at 2.4 Amp    

GPS System    N/A    

Reverse Gear    N/A    

 Warranty And Service    RH1250S Sportster S    Notes

Warranty    24 months (unlimited mileage)    7

Service Interval    First 1,000 miles (1,600 km), every 5,000 miles (8,000 km) thereafter    8


1.    Vehicles depicted may differ from vehicles manufactured and delivered. Specifications and prices listed may differ from specifications and prices of vehicles manufactured and delivered. All product descriptions (including depictions, specifications, dimensions, measurements, ratings and competitive comparisons) are based on available information at the time of publication. Although such descriptions are believed correct, errors and changes can occur and complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Harley-Davidson may make changes at any time to prices and specifications, and may change or discontinue models, without notice and without incurring any obligation. Attention: Vehicles in the configurations shown and many of the accessories described in this catalog may not be available for sale or use in some locations. Please check with your dealer for complete product details and the latest information. All models feature 6-speed transmission (VRSC™ models and Sportster models are 5-speed) and carbon fiber belt final drive; multi-plate clutch with diaphragm spring in oil bath; and 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

2.    Measurement reflects 180 lb. (81.7 kg) operator weight.

3.    Recommended 91 octane or higher fuel (R+M)/2.

4.    Standard and optional wheels may vary by country and region.

5.    Values shown are nominal. Performance may vary by country and region.

6.    The combined fuel economy numbers were derived using a combination of estimated city and highway values. Fuel economy estimates are derived from US EPA exhaust emission certification data on a sample motorcycle from the corresponding family under ideal laboratory conditions. Your actual fuel economy will vary depending on your personal riding habits, road and driving conditions, vehicle condition and maintenance, tire pressure, vehicle configuration (parts and accessories), and vehicle loading (cargo, rider and passenger weight). Break-in mileage may vary.

7.    See motorcycle owner’s manual for complete details.

8.    Inspections of certain systems and components are required at 2,500 mile (4,000 km) intervals. See Owner’s Manual for full details.

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