2005 Husaberg FS650E

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Description from previous owner:

888 total miles.  I purchased this bike with 466 miles and put 417 on it after having Thumper Racing pull the motor and check the crank axial play, upgrade bearings, check the transmission, and port the head. They installed larger intake and exhaust valves, did some carb mods including bore to 43mm, add an oil cooler, and wet ignition. The bike was tuned with exhaust bung and air /fuel gauge and has great throttle response and power. I didn’t have it dyno'd but I think it’s around 65 to 70hp at the rear wheel. Power wheelies in 1st through 4th and can pull up in 5th and 6th too, that work was $3000

Also has  Taffmeister dual valve spring kit, decomp spring, Iwis cam chain, velocity stack intake and filter: $300

Suspension re-sprung and re-valved:  $770

Continental Attack Supermoto tires: $300

Upgraded beefy starter: $150

Radiator fan

Trail tech gauge

Pro Taper bars, Cycra handguards, updated headlight and front fender, custom graphics

Two seats, one stock and one tall and wide custom Fisher seat: $400

I also updated the license plate carrier to an FE for a cleaner look, along with an led light on the plate

There is more I haven’t listed...

I’ve got over $9,000 into this bike

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2005 Husaberg FS650E

Price: $6,999
888 mi
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