Collision Center

Collision Center

Do I need an appointment for an estimate?

‐ No, have your bike dropped off or towed to our facility. Never ride a bike that could be unsafe due to damages. We will gladly help arrange for your motorcycle to be picked up from your house or impound lot and brought to Barnett Harley-Davidson.

Will Barnett’s Collision Center pick up my bike from an accident scene or from my home after being damaged in an accident?

‐ We do have a courtesy pick up and delivery system, however we do not pick up collision bikes. Often bikes damaged in an accident require special equipment to recover them from the roadway. We will gladly help arrange for your motorcycle to be taken to Barnett Harley-Davidson by a company with proper equipment.

How long will it take to get a completed estimate?

‐ Typically a thorough estimate can be performed in three working days. Some minor repairs can be estimated the same day.

What information do I need?

‐ Insurance company name, customer contact information with phone number, and a claim number is all we need to ensure a smooth and fast repair process.

Will parts be ordered before I drop my bike off for repair?

‐ Once an estimate has been performed and we have an agreement with the insurance company with a check ready for deposit, then we will begin the parts ordering process.

Can you match the paint color?

- Today’s motorcycle finishes incorporate multiple layers of highly specialized paints. Parts damaged beyond repair, and all denim painted parts, will be ordered directly form Harley-Davidson already painted with the factory finish. When parts have minor damage, we have teamed up with an expert body and paint specialist who can return minor damaged parts back to their original appearance.

Can I get other service work performed on my MOTORCYCLE while it is in the collision center?

‐ Yes, often times this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade. Please remember any upgrades must be decided on before parts are ordered for the repair process. Parts enhancement or labor may be partially paid for with your insurance payment. Remember that the damage from the collision must be fixed and the payment of the deductible is still the customer’s responsibility.

How long will the repairs on my motorcycle take?

‐ Your advisor can give you an estimate of the time needed to complete repairs based on the specific nature of your repairs. Painted parts from Harley-Davidson Motor Company can take anywhere from two weeks to a month-and-a-half to be delivered. Some factory custom painted products and Anniversary colors can take longer.
To speed up the process, we do not begin work until all the parts have arrived. In some cases we may find additional damage that is discovered during motorcycle tear down. At this point we will order more parts and make proper arrangements with your insurance company.

Do I have to pay a deductible

‐ The amount of any deductible is determined by your insurance company. Sometimes there are different deductibles for collision as opposed to hail damage, fire damage or theft. If you are not sure about your deductible, call your agent and they can advise you.

Other Considerations

Insurance checks written to you are often not sufficient to repair your motorcycle. By having Barnett Harley-Davidson Collision Center perform your estimate and double check with the insurance company, you can be assured your motorcycle will be fixed properly the first time. If the check is written to you and Barnett Harley-Davidson or just to Barnett Harley-Davidson, we must use that money to repair the motorcycle and cannot return any unused funds to you without the permission of the insurance company who wrote the check.

For any additional questions please contact the Collision Administrator at Barnett Harley-Davidson Collision Center at 915-592-5804. We look forward to assisting you.