2019 Harley-Davidson® FLHTCUTG Tri Glide® Ultra

Price: $36,999
3524 mi
Vivid Black W/Pinstripe
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2019 Harley-Davidson® FLHTCUTG Tri Glide® Ultra



Fuel Economy: Estimated City/Hwy: (5) 42 mpg

Now riders have the confidence that comes from all-new traction control on the Tri Glide® Ultra. It sends power where riders need it to help maintain control. It also has Milwaukee-Eight® 114 power, Reflex™ linked brakes with ABS, an all-new 4-speaker BOOM!™ GTS infotainment system, electronic cruise control and 6.8 cubic feet of storage space.


Get all the premium features, starting with a Twin-Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine, an all-new BOOM!™ Box GTS infotainment system and enough storage space so you can pack enough to go for a good, long time.

•    Security System Option Standard

•    Abs Option Standard 

•    Cruise Control Option Standard

•    Premium Radio Option Standard

•    Color : Vivid Black W/Pinstripe


•    HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Premium Tour-Pak Luggage Rack $145

•    HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Trike Rear Fender Bra $104

•    HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Get-A-Grip Hand Grips $92

Parts total $341

Labor total $152


Total added value $493

Extended Service Plans Available on 15-calendar-year-old and newer motorcycles with fewer than 60K miles



There’s a wide-open world to experience out there. We’ve been building the motorcycles to help you discover it in the most epic way possible since we invented the fully dressed touring machine in the 1960’s. Entire continents; and all the mountain ranges, canyons, glaciers, small towns, deserts, cities, roadside attractions, adventures, and stories they contain; are yours for the taking in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson® Touring machine. no one builds them better.

Now with 114 cubic inches of traffic-passing, horizon-chasing power.

There’s big news for touring riders this year. and by big, we’re talking about the displacement of the 114 cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight® engine that comes in the Ultra Limited, Ultra Limited Low, Road Glide® Ultra, Road Glide® Special, Street Glide® Special, and Road King® Special models this year. It gives you up to 123 ft. lbs. of peak torque, depending on model. that’s a significant increase over the Milwaukee-eight® 107 engine. and that means quicker 0 to 60 acceleration, quicker 60 to 80 fifth gear roll on. In the real world, that gives you more on-ramp power to gain speed and merge with freeway traffic, more power to pull away from traffic, and faster passing. You get all that, and the pride that comes from the most displacement in standard h-d® touring models.


Twin-Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight® 114

Engine Torque

121 ft-lb

Weight, As Shipped

1,203.72 lb.

Seat Height, Laden

27.1 in.


Less than a month after announcing plans for future product in new-to-the-brand categories and a commitment to advance its heavyweight Touring and Cruiser models, Harley-Davidson® introduces a number of technology advancements that elevate performance, function and style across the 2019 Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike motorcycle lines.

New Harley-Davidson Boom! Box GTS Infotainment System

The new Boom! Box™ GTS infotainment system is an evolved interface experience for riders of select Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike motorcycles. The Boom! Box GTS system offers the contemporary look, feel and function of the latest mobile devices and tablets, with durability and features designed specifically for motorcycling, plus Apple CarPlay compatibility and hands-free voice recognition. Every element has been optimized to enhance the rider’s interaction with the motorcycle and connectivity with the world to ultimately improve the motorcycle touring experience.

The Boom! Box GTS is standard equipment on 2019 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited, Ultra Limited Low, Road Glide® Ultra, Road Glide® Special, Street Glide® Special, CVO™ Limited, CVO™ Street Glide®, CVO™ Road Glide® and Tri Glide® Ultra models. Boom! Box GTS is a factory-installed option for Harley-Davidson Street Glide®, Road Glide® and Electra Glide® Ultra Classic® models.

The factory installed Boom! Box GTS audio features 25 watts per channel through two or four speakers, depending on motorcycle model. System upgrades available from Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Accessories support up to four sets of Boom! Stage II speakers and 1,200 watts total power. Audio sources include AM, FM, WB, XM, Bluetooth streaming and Digital Mass Storage compatibility. The Boom! Box GTS supports the Harley-Davidson Wireless Headset Interface Module (sold separately) which permits full access to the infotainment features through Bluetooth technology and compatible wireless headsets.

Improved Display

The 6.5-inch Boom! Box GTS is glass from edge to edge and has the sleek, modern appearance of the latest tablet devices and premium automotive displays. The Corning® Gorilla® Glass touch-screen surface is the same durable and scratch resistant cover glass used on billions of mobile devices worldwide. It includes an advanced surface treatment designed to minimize reflection for exceptional visibility in bright sunlight. The screen is optimized for use in wet or dry conditions, even when used with riding gloves. The glass is optically bonded to a TFT display (thin-film-transistor, a type of liquid-crystal display noted for high image quality and contrast) with 100 percent more resolution and a four-times higher contrast ratio than the 6.5GT display it replaces, for a crisp and clean appearance even in bright sunlight.

Improved User Experience

The new Boom! Box GTS processes faster, has more memory and is more responsive than the Boom! Box 6.5GT infotainment system it replaces. Start-up time is reduced from 21 seconds to 10 seconds, and route calculation time is reduced from 10 seconds to 2.5 seconds versus the 6.5GT system.

Like a smart phone, the navigation engine display responds to two-finger gestures: swipe, pinch, and drag. The new home screen display is simplified to three key system buttons: Navigation, Phone, and Music. A new Back button has been added to the right-hand control. The Navigation, Phone and Music screens feature condensed information that’s easy to read and navigate. The new Quick Jump feature allows easy access to Navigation, Audio and Vehicle information (press and hold Home on left hand control for the pop-up menu). Background colors and a high-contrast viewing mode are user-selectable. The entire GTS system can be managed through the touch screen and with the thumb-operated five-way joysticks located on the left- and right-hand controls.

Next-Level Technology

Boom! Box GTS is Apple CarPlay compatible (when the microphone is in use with optional Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Accessories headsets) and can project phone functions to the screen, including streaming apps, weather, and traffic, so riders can enjoy and use familiar functions installed on their phone.

A new navigation engine features a voice recognition enabled “one box search” function (similar to a search engine) for added rider convenience. Using the Alternate Routes function, the rider can choose a route based on Fastest, Shortest, Twisty and Scenic features. The Boom! Box GTS navigation system features a new integration with the Harley-Davidson™ App for iOS or Android. Leveraging this integration a rider can easily find a destination in the App and send that point of interest or addresses to the navigation system. In addition, the integration with the App eliminates the need to use a USB jump drive to import ride routes. Riders can import routes from the App into the navigation over a Bluetooth or USB smartphone connection. Ride routes can be created in the App or on the redesigned Harley-Davidson™ Ride Planner website at www.h-d.com/rideplanner.

The Harley-Davidson App helps riders get the most out of their time on the road with features including recommended rides, ride planning, ride recording, riding challenges and the ability to find Harley-Davidson dealerships, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, motorcycle events and other attractions. 

New Electronic Reflex Linked Brake System with Cornering Control Features

The all-new Reflex Linked Brake system for 2019 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra and Freewheeler® three-wheeled motorcycles is fully electronic and utilizes the latest inertial measurement unit (IMU) and ABS sensor technology to enhance traction, stability and braking control in both a straight line and in corners. The Reflex Linked Brake system is designed to aid the rider in controlling the vehicle while accelerating, decelerating, and braking in a straight line, in adverse road conditions, and in emergency situations. It includes four key elements:

Traction Control (TCS)

Traction control system (TCS) is designed to prevent the rear wheels from excessive spinning under acceleration, which could occur on wet or slippery road surfaces or when abrupt acceleration is commanded by the rider. If the TCS detects that a rear wheel is losing traction under acceleration it will apply brake pressure to limit wheel spin.

Drag-Torque Slip Control System (DSCS)

Drag-torque slip control system (DSCS) is designed to prevent excessive rear wheel slip under deceleration, which typically occurs when the rider makes an abrupt down-shift gear change or decelerates on wet or slippery road surfaces. When DSCS detects excessive rear wheel slip under deceleration it will adjust engine torque delivery to better match rear-wheel speed to road speed.


ABS is designed to prevent the wheels from locking up under braking, with the goal of maximizing deceleration while maintaining straight-line stability when braking on wet or slippery road surfaces or over-braking due to an unexpected hazard. The ABS detects if wheels are approaching lock up under braking and if so, modulates the brake pressure to limit wheel slip.

Linked Braking

The Reflex Linked Brake System electronically links braking through both the front brake hand lever and the rear brake foot pedal. Linking will be active any time the brakes are applied and vehicle speed is above approximately 4.3 mph (7 kph mph). The brakes will remain linked as long as the rider continues to apply a brake control.

When the front or rear brake is actuated above approximately 4.3 mph (7 kph mph) the system applies a proportional amount of pressure to both brakes on the other axle. The amount of brake pressure applied to the other axle depends upon many factors including how hard the rider is applying the brake, the vehicle speed, and if the vehicle is turning. The amount of pressure electronically applied to the other axle is less than what a rider could apply directly with the linked axle’s lever or pedal.

The linked brakes are a rider aid, and do not replace proper braking techniques. The maximum vehicle deceleration on most surfaces is still reached by the rider applying both the front and rear brake controls.

A technical highlight of the system is its ability to measure lateral acceleration – the force the rider feels in turns – and adjust accordingly as that lateral force affects available traction. For example, the brake pressure required to limit wheel slip when cornering is typically lower than the pressure required under straight line operation, so when the system senses lateral acceleration that indicates the trike is cornering, the ABS response is adjusted accordingly. The action of Traction Control and linked braking also adjust based on lateral acceleration.

New Front and Rear Suspension for Harley-Davidson Trike Models

All-new premium Harley-Davidson Touring suspension technology gives the 2019 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide Ultra and Freewheeler three-wheeled motorcycle models a significant improvement in ride quality compared to previous models. Both front and rear suspension components have been calibrated specifically for these Trike models.

The new front suspension features dual bending valve internal technology for linear damping performance, a smooth ride and confidence-inspiring handling and braking performance.

Emulsion technology rear suspension features a single-knob pre-load adjustment that is easy to reach below the seat and requires no maintenance. The hand adjustment and expanded pre-load range enable easy pre-load adjustment for optimal suspension performance to suit rider preference and the weight of a passenger and luggage.

Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Accessories will offer the same suspension technology in a Premium Ride Front Fork Kit and the Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable Trike Shocks for 2014-2018 Tri-Glide Ultra and 2015-2018 Freewheeler models.

New Power for Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike Models

Select 2019 Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike motorcycles will be powered by the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine. At 114 cubic inches, the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine has the most displacement offered from the Harley-Davidson factory in standard Touring models. This performance upgrade is designed especially for riders who enjoy quicker acceleration or tour with a passenger and cargo.

The following Harley-Davidson models will be powered only by the Milwaukee-Eight 114 for 2019: Ultra Limited, Ultra Limited Low, Road Glide Ultra, Road Glide Special, Street Glide Special, Road King Special, Tri Glide Ultra and Freewheeler.

The Milwaukee-Eight 114 delivers up to 5 percent more torque than the Milwaukee-Eight 107 (123 ft. lb. vs. 117 ft. lb.) and up to 5 percent quicker 0-to-60 mph acceleration than Milwaukee-Eight 107. This engine upgrade will give riders additional power – to merge effortlessly with freeway traffic, pull away from the stoplights, and to execute passing maneuvers with confidence and fewer down-shifts, especially when laden with a passenger and touring gear.

New Daymaker™ Adaptive Headlamp from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories

The 7-inch Daymaker™ Adaptive LED headlamp combines advanced motorcycle headlight performance with modern styling. The projector-style LED offers superior punch and spread with a pure white light that produces a “Daylight Color Impression” that appears more natural to the user and is conspicuous in traffic. The signature LED light outer ring operates as a position lamp.

Lean Angle Controlled Bank Lighting

The most-advanced headlamp system ever developed for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle utilizes patented sensors and electronics integrated into the headlamp to determine lean angle of the motorcycle and automatically projects additional light into corners to illuminate areas of the road that may be unlit by traditional LED headlamps. Extensive engineering and testing was completed on the lamp to ensure every part of the road in front of the rider is equally lit. The adaptive light feature works in both the high- and low-beam functions.

The night-time beam pattern is focused on the road ahead and is engineered to reduce wasted light that can impact oncoming traffic. The solid-state LEDs are designed for long life and low energy draw, and installation of the shock and vibration-resistant lamp assembly is quick and easy with a plug-in connection to the factory headlamp wiring.

The 7-inch Daymaker™ Adaptive LED headlamps feature a top-mount low beam, a large bottom-mount projector high beam, two additional D-shaped lenses, an outer signature ring and 12 adaptive lights and is offered in Black or Chrome finish. It fits 2009-later Touring models (except Road Glide), 2012-2016 Switchback™ and 2004-2017 Softail® models with a 7-inch headlamp. DOT and ECE compliant for all markets.


Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114 on a 2019 Tri Glide Ultra motorcycle

The most displacement in standard H-D® Touring models. You get 114 cubic inches of of passing and horizon-chasing power.

Reflex Linked Brake System on a 2019 Tri Glide Ultra motorcycle

All-New Braking Enhancements

Electronically linked brakes, ABS and traction control provide enhanced cornering capability. Roll with confidence.

Responsive Front and Rear Suspension 114 on a 2019 Tri Glide Ultra motorcycle

New High Performance Suspension

Premium Harley-Davidson touring suspension technology is calibrated specifically for Trike models, delivering a smooth and responsive ride.

BOOM! Box GTS Infotainment System on a 2019 Tri Glide Ultra motorcycle

A new, evolved interface experience that offers a contemporary look, feel and function, with exceptional durability and features designed specifically for motorcycling. Every element is optimized to enhance the rider’s interaction with the bike and connectivity with the world.

6-Speed Cruise Drive Transmission on a 2019 Tri Glide Ultra motorcycle

Provides smooth, quiet shifting and reduces engine speed on the highway, so you get a better match between engine RPM and road speed.

Trunk and King Tour-Pak Storage on a 2019 Tri Glide Ultra motorcycle

The integrated trunk offers 4.4 cubic feet and 50 pounds of storage capacity, while the injection-molded Tour-Pak® luggage carrier keeps things classy and neat with soft woven-nylon luggage liner and plenty of storage pockets.

Daymaker LED Headlamp and LED Fog-lamps on a 2019 Tri Glide Ultra motorcycle

Darkness-defying headlight to see and be seen.

Air Vent on a 2019 Tri Glide Ultra motorcycle

Batwing Fairing & Splitsteam Air Vent

Designed to deliver smoother airflow and reduced head buffeting with a pressure-equalizing duct on the front. It opens and closes with one touch of a button.



•    Engine 1 Twin-Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight® 114

•    Bore 4.016 in.

•    Stroke 4.5 in.

•    Displacement 1,868 cc (114 cu in)

•    Compression Ratio 10.5:1

•    Fuel System 3 Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)

•    Exhaust Chrome, 2-1-2 dual exhaust with tapered mufflers


•    Length 105.1 in.

•    Seat Height, Laden 7 27.1 in.

•    Seat Height, Unladen 28.9 in.

•    Ground Clearance 4.9 in.

•    Rake (steering head) (deg) 26

•    Trail 3.94 in.

•    Wheelbase 65.7 in.

•    Tires, Front Specification MT90B16 72H

•    Tires, Rear Specification P205/65R15 92T

•    Fuel Capacity 6 gal.

•    Oil Capacity (w/filter) 5 qt.

•    Weight, As Shipped 1,203.72 lb.

•    Weight, In Running Order 1,243.41 lb.

•    Luggage Capacity -Volume 6.8 cu ft


•    Engine Torque Testing Method J1349

•    Engine Torque 2 121 ft-lb

•    Engine Torque (rpm) 3,250

•    Fuel Economy Testing Method Estimated City/Hwy

•    Fuel Economy: Estimated City/Hwy 5 42 mpg


•    Primary Drive Chain, 34/46 ratio

•    Gear Ratios (overall) 1st 10.534

•    Gear Ratios (overall) 2nd 7.302

•    Gear Ratios (overall) 3rd 5.423

•    Gear Ratios (overall) 4th 4.392

•    Gear Ratios (overall) 5th 3.741

•    Gear Ratios (overall) 6th 3.157


•    Wheels, Front Type 9 Black, 7-spoke Cast Aluminum

•    Wheels, Rear Type Black, 7-spoke Cast Aluminum

•    Brakes, Caliper Type Front: 32mm 4 piston fixed Rear: floating 36mm piston integrated park brake


•    Lights (as per country regulation), Indicator Lamps 8 High Beam, running lights, front fender running lights, directional lights, battery, neutral, low oil pressure, engine diagnostics, cruise control, speakers, accessory, security system, gear indication, low fuel warning, reverse, park brake, miles to empty display, fog/aux lamp indicator

•    Gauges Display features odometer, trip A, trip B, range to empty, and gear indicator; includes telltale for reverse and traction control


•    Infotainment system Boom!™ Box GTS

•    Type Full Color TFT

•    Watts Per Channel 25

•    Speakers 4

•    Speaker Size 5.25 inch standard

•    Headset Specifications (if equipped) 16-64 ohms

•    AM Standard

•    FM Standard

•    Weather Band (WB) Standard

•    SD Card, Flash Drive and MP3 – via USB Connection Supported

•    SiriusXM Presets 20 – P&A Upgrade (USA & Canada only)

•    Languages English (US/UK), German, Spanish (Mexico/Spain), French (Canada/France), Italian, Portuguese (Portugal/Brazil), Russian, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Japanese

•    Hands-free Mobile Phone – via Bluetooth Standard

•    Voice Recognition Languages: Phone functions only English (US/UK), German, Spanish (Mexico/Spain), French (Canada/France), Italian, Portuguese (Portugal/Brazil), Russian, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Japanese

•    Voice Recognition Languages: Tuner/Media/Navigation English (US/UK), German, Spanish (Mexico/Spain), French (Canada/France), Italian, Portuguese (Portugal/Brazil), Russian, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Japanese

•    Rider/Passenger Intercom Standard

•    Vehicle Information Screen (Air temperature, oil pressure and EITMS) Standard

•    Text-to-Speech (TTS) Languages English (US/UK), German, Spanish (Mexico/Spain), French (Canada/France), Italian, Portuguese (Portugal/Brazil), Russian, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Japanese

•    USB USB/MTP/iPod/iPhone

•    Bluetooth Phone/Media Supported

1. Recommended 91 octane or higher fuel (R+M)/2.

2. Values shown are nominal. Performance may vary by country and region.

3. Recommended 91 octane or higher fuel (R+M)/2.

4. See motorcycle owner’s manual for complete details.

5. Estimated from fuel economy tests on a sample motorcycle from the corresponding family conducted by Harley-Davidson under ideal laboratory conditions. Not all motorcycle models undergo fuel economy testing. Fuel economy and mileage may vary among motorcycle models within a family. Your mileage may vary depending on your personal riding habits, weather conditions, trip length, vehicle condition and vehicle configuration and other conditions. Break-in mileage may vary.

6. Prices listed are the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices for base models. Options such as color are available at additional cost. Prices exclude tax, title, licensing, registration fees, destination charges, added accessories, and additional dealer charges, if any, and are subject to change. Harley-Davidson reimburses dealers for performing manufacturer-specified pre-delivery inspection and setup tasks. Dealer prices may vary.

7. Measurement reflects 180 lb. (81.7 kg) operator weight.

8. North America security system includes immobilizer; outside North America the security system includes immobilizer and siren.

9. Standard and optional wheels may vary by country and region.


Length: 105.1 in
Seat Height: 28.9 in
Dry Weight: 1,204 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 6.0 gal
Engine: Twin-Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight® 114
Displacement: 113.99 in3
Engine torque: 119.5 ft-lb
Front: 16" Black, 7-spoke Cast Aluminum / MT90B16 72H
Rear: 15" Black, 7-spoke Cast Aluminum / P205/65R15 92T

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