2004 Harley-Davidson® FLHRS Road King®

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Stock number: P15178A
VIN number: 1HD1FXV194Y719766
Condition: Pre-owned
Year: 2004
Mileage: 15865mi
Color: Vivid Black
Location: Barnett Harley-Davidson®


2004 Harley-Davidson® FLHRS Road King®


Brand new in 2004, the Road King Custom is taking the Road King family even further in the custom direction. Taking cues from our customers, this exciting new model is a leaned-down and dressed-up version of its Road King brethren and is certain to generate excitement. Now within the Road King family there are three models to choose from, with the new Road King Custom leading the way in contemporary custom styling. Lowered rear suspension, pullback “beach bars”, clean leather saddlebags, and an overall “smoothie” theme will make this bike a hit with custom lovers around the world. The Road King Custom offers wicked good looks and a dose of attitude, while still retaining the comfort and and road-worthiness that Road King enthusiasts expect. The Road King Custom has roots tied to the 1978 FLHS Electra Glide “Stripped” model and captures that lineage with its FLHRS designator.


  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® "Kit, Front Axle Nut Cover $23
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® "Kit, Wheel, 16"" Front (Chrome)" $1,199
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® "Kit, Wheel, 16"" Rear, (Chrome)" $1,199
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Master Cylinder,11/16,Chrome $265
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit, Fork Slider Cover, B&S $94
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit, Lever, Hand, Hydraulic Clutch, Buck $174
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Footpeg Kit,Streamliner $159
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Front Docking $11
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit-Docking Hardware,Rr $34
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit,Mount,License Plate,Layback,Fl $52
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Dock Hardware,Passenger Backrest $29
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Dock Hardware ,Front,2-Up $19
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit-Handgrips $79
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Windshield Asy $328
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Dipstick,Digital/Oil temp,$99
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Bracket, Turn signal Mount, Lh, Chrome $37
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit-Horn,Hi-Output $49
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit-Switch Housing,Chrome $123
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Fork Lock Cover Kit $89
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit, Cover, Voltage Regulator $44
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit-Module,T-Signal/Red $43
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Custom Paint $1500
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Oil Hose Cover Kit $64
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Spacer Wheel Chrome $49
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Hydraulic Clutch, Chrome $699
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Cover Solenoid, Chrome $22
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Cover Rear Master Cylinder $29
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Cover Master Cylinder, Chrome $29
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Ventline Chrome $54
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Footpeg Mounting Billet Chrome $99
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Carburator 42MM Flatslide $409
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Hardware With Windshield Mount $29
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit, Piston Kit Hi-Compression Std $279
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® SE Kit TC88 Performance Head’s $949
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 3.875” Cylinder Kit, Black, 1550 $299
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Gasket Kit, Top End $75
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Gasket Kit, Cam Service $55
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Master Cylinder, Chrome (11/16) $265
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit Switch Housing, Chrome $123
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Chrome Fork Sliders, Chrome $299
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Stainless Steel Throttle Cable Kit $144
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Kit, Chrome Oil Filter Spout $89
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Detachables™ Sissy Bar Upright $194
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Smooth-Look Short Passenger Backrest Pad $109
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Detachables Two-Up Luggage Rack $219
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 4-Point Docking Hardware Kit $174
  • Provides docking points to allow installation of H-D® Detachables™ Sissy Bar, Solo Luggage Rack, 2-Up Luggage Rack, Solo Tour-Pak® Rack or 2-Up Tour-Pak® Rack
  • ROTOR’S, Polished Stainless ($100 Each) 2 $200
  • DIAMOND CUT Head’s and Cylinder’s $400
  • RINEHART RACING Muffler’s $825
  • ANDREWS TW44 Cam Kit $266
  • Cam Bearing ($7 Each) $14
  • HOT TOPPER’S $100

Parts total $11,580

Labor total $3,681


Total added value $15,261

Extended Service Plans Available on 15-calendar-year-old and newer motorcycles with fewer than 60K miles.



Engine Air-cooled Twin Cam 88® (vibration isolation-mounted)

Valves Pushrod-operated overhead valves; w/ hydraulic

self-adjusting lifters; two valves per cylinder

Fuel System3 Carburetion or

Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)


Primary Drive Chain, 36/25 ratio

Final Drive Belt, 32/70 ratio

Clutch 9-Plate, wet

Transmission 5-speed

Overall Ratio:

1st 10.110

2nd 6.958

3rd 4.953

4th 3.862

5th 3.150


Frame Mild steel, square section backbone

w/ twin downtubes

Swing Arm Mild steel, rectangular tube sections,

stamped junctions, MIG welded

Front Fork 41.3 mm, telescopic

Rear Shocks Short, air-adjustable

Wheels 16 in. Chrome plated/silver slotted

cast aluminum alloy


Caliper type Four-piston front and rear

Rotor type (diameter x width):

Patented, Uniform Expansion Rotors

Front (DUAL) 11.5 in x .20 in. (292.1 mm x 5.08 mm)

Rear 11.5 in x .23 in. (292.1 mm x 5.84 mm)

Suspension travel:

Front 4.6 in. (116.8 mm)

Rear 2.0 in. (50.8 mm)


Engine Torque (per SAE J607)4:

North America 86.0 ft. lbs.@ 3500 rpm (117.0 NM @ 3500 rpm)

Lean Angle (per SAE J1168):

Right 31 degrees

Left 30 degrees


Length 93.7 in. (2380.0 mm)

Seat Height2 26.1 in. (662.9 mm)

Seat Height (unladen) 28.3 in. (718.8 mm)

Ground Clearance 4.7 in. (119.4 mm)

Rake 26.0 degrees

Trail 6.2 in. (157.5 mm)

Wheelbase 63.5 in. (1612.9 mm)

Fuel Capacity (includes 1.0 gal. reserve) 5.0 gal. (18.9 L)

Reserve Fuel Capacity

(warning light @ approx. 1.0 gal.) 1.0 gal. (3.8 L)

Oil Capacity 4.0 qts. (3.8 L)

Dry Weight 721 lbs. (327 kg)

Vehicle Weight In Running Order 757 lbs. (344 kg)

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 1259 lbs. (572 kg)


Battery Sealed, maintenance-free, 12-volt, 28 amp-hour,

270 cca (per Battery Council International rating)


CARB Single phase 38-amp system

(452 watts @ 13v, 2000 rpm; 514 watts max power @ 13v)

ESPFI Single phase 45-amp system

(559 watts @ 13v, 2000 rpm; 599 watts max power @ 13v)

Starting 1.2 kw electric w/ Bendix-type engagement

Lights: (As per country regulation)

Headlamp Quartz halogen,

55-watt low beam, 60-watt high beam

Tail/stop lights 8w/28w (5w/21w)

Turn signal lights (self-canceling) 28w (21w)

Indicator lamps High beam, running lamps, front

fender running light, directional light bar,

neutral, oil pressure, engine diagnostic light,

turn signals, and security system (optional)5


Engine Trim Black powder-coated w/ chrome treatment

Exhaust System Chrome crossover duals

Handlebar Chrome pull-back beach bar

Seat Two-up

Passenger Backrest Available Genuine Motor Accessories

Footboards Streamlined

Fairing Chrome wind deflector

Fairing Air Deflectors none

Lower Fairings none

Windshield Chrome wind deflector

Glovebox none

Instruments Electronic speedometer w/ odometer

and resettable tripmeter; diagnostic readout,

fuel gauge w/ low fuel light

Stereo none

Antenna none

Rear Speakers none

Intercom none

CB none

Headset none

Cruise Control Wired to accept cruise-control

Handlebar Controls Start; engine cutoff; L/R turn signals;

horn; hi/low beam;

Hazard Warning Integrated w/ turn signal controls

Electrical Power Outlet Accessory connector beneath seat

TourPak® none

Saddlebags Leather hard bags

volume: 1.85 cu. ft. (52.4 L)

Luggage Locks none

Fork Lock Barrel-key, common w/ ignition

1 Harley-Davidson reserves the right to discontinue models or change

specifications at any time without incurring any obligations. Vehicle

specifications may vary from country to country depending on local

laws, and some models are not available in certain countries.

2 Measurement reflects 180 lb/81.7 kg operator weight.

3 Standard and optional fuel systems may vary by country.

4 Values are nominal. Performance varies by country.

5 North American security system includes immobilizer; outside North

America the security system includes immobilizer & siren.

6 Availability may vary from dealer to dealer, and is subject to change

without notice.

7 See motorcycle owner’s manual for complete details.



The paragraph descriptions for the pre-owned bikes are generic, what the factory used when the bikes were new so they might not be precise. The bike may have been modified. Take them with a grain of salt. Same with the specifications, those are stating how the bike was spec’d stock, when new, not necessarily as it is at this very moment. Our salespeople will be glad to answer any detailed questions should anything in the generic descriptions be confusing. Also, there are over 30,000 prices and loads of specifications on this website, we do not warrant that is entirely error free. Thanks, - Barnett Harley-Davidson

2004 Harley-Davidson® FLHRS Road King®

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