Stock number: P15393
VIN number: 1HD1KTM13FB649595
Condition: Pre-owned
Year: 2015
Mileage: 9911mi
Color: Amber Whiskey
Location: Barnett Harley-Davidson®




Location: Barnett Harley-Davidson El Paso 

Harley-Davidson® Factory Security System

Reflex™ Linked Brakes with ABS Standard

Dual Reflector Daymaker™ LED headlights Standard

Cruise Control Option Standard

Premium Boom! Box 6.5GT infotainment system with touch screen and GPS navigation Standard


  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Smart Security™ System $395
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® SiriusXM Satellite Radio Kit $399
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Hidden AM/FM/WB Antenna $69
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Angled Adjustable Highway Peg Mount Kit $119
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Streamliner Footpegs $159
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Streamliner Shifter Peg ($29 Each) $59
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Universal Mount Helmet Lock $27
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Rider Footboard Heel Guard $69
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Comfort Stitch Adjustable Rider Backrest Kit $114
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Adjustable Rider Backrest Mounting Kit $219
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Chrome Detachable Tall Boy Sissy Bar Backrest $198
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® King Two-Up Luggage Rack Chrome $244
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Top-Stitch Passenger Backrest Pad $119
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Backrest Pad Mounting Bracket $20
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 4-Point Docking Hardware Kit $164
  • Provides docking points to allow installation of H-D® Detachables™ Sissy Bar, Solo Luggage Rack, 2-Up Luggage Rack, Solo Tour-Pak® Rack or 2-Up Tour-Pak® Rack

Parts total $2,374

Labor total $783


Total added value $3,157

Extended Service Plans Available on 15-calendar-year-old and newer motorcycles with fewer than 60K miles.

Road warriors, rejoice.

The Harley-Davidson Road Glide® motorcycle is back. After a one-year hiatus, the original alternative bagger returns to the Harley-Davidson line for 2015, infused with the DNA of Project RUSHMORE and turned out with a new frame-mounted fairing shaped by aerodynamic science and pure menace. Also joining the Harley Touring tribe is the Road Glide® Special model, loaded at the factory with all the options and an exclusive pinstripe paint job. Both Road Glide models make a fresh statement in custom form, backed up with all the genuine function hardcore riders demand.

“Improved aero comfort, especially reducing head buffeting, was at the forefront of customer feedback regarding the Road Glide,” said Michael Goche, Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Product Planning Manager. “We were able to start with a clean sheet of paper and apply lessons learned in designing the new Batwing fairing that debuted with Project RUSHMORE in 2014. The result is an amazing leap forward in terms of comfort for the rider, with aero performance that is unmatched in the category of premium touring motorcycles.”

The new Road Glide fairing delivers outstanding aerodynamic performance while retaining the distinctive shark-nose visage that has long been part of the Road Glide legend.

“The Road Glide look is more about attitude than tradition, and it has become especially popular with really radical customizers because they like the look and all the real estate the fairing offers for paint,” said Harley-Davidson Principal Stylist Brian Nelson, who led the team working on the fairing redesign project. “We felt we had more styling leeway with the Road Glide fairing than we did with the redesign of the Batwing fairing, so we set some design fences to maintain that Road Glide character, and handed it off to engineering.”

The final fairing shape was developed using computational fluid dynamics, hundreds of hours of wind-tunnel development at Wichita State University, and real-world highway testing. Integral side and center scoops feed triple splitstream vents that, in concert with the form of the windscreen, alter the air pressure behind the fairing to significantly reduce head buffeting. The fairing maintains a comfortable airflow around the rider and directs cooling air to powertrain components.

“The biggest design challenge presented by the Road Glide fairing is its distance from the rider,” said Nelson. “Because it’s frame mounted, we need that distance to provide room to turn the handlebar, but that’s also a big low-pressure zone that creates a lot of turbulence. To move air above the rider’s helmet required three vents, with the two lower vents designed to lift the air flow. The shape and location of those lower vents proved to be critical and required a lot of fine-tuning.”

Tucked under a sinister brow, Dual Reflector Daymaker™ LED headlamps combine wicked style with brilliant white high- and low-beam power that simply blasts through the murk of night. The beams are designed to provide outstanding roadway illumination. Compared to 2013 Road Glide models, these new headlamps deliver up to 67 percent more spread (light across the road) and 25 percent more punch (light down the road). The light quality closely mimics that of natural daylight to further enhance visibility, and its bright-white color is conspicuous in traffic.

“We replaced the separate twin headlamps used in the previous Road Glide with a single composite headlamp with two bulbs, so the cover is now integral to the lamp housing,” said Nelson. “The lens over the lamps improves the aerodynamics, and we also narrowed the entire fairing by 1.4 inches to further reduce drag and increase efficiency.”

The commanding rider posture offered by a new Road Glide handlebar bend and two-up sport seat place the rider in a position of all-day, long-haul comfort. The new handlebar locates the handgrips 5.5 inches closer to the rider and offers a new wrist angle that improves comfort. Because the Road Glide fairing is mounted to the frame, its weight and the impact of the wind are not felt through the handlebars, resulting in steering control that is light and precise.

Much more than a radio, the Boom! ™ Box 4.3 is a modern infotainment center with Bluetooth capability and USB input. Located in a reshaped inner fairing that’s smooth and uncluttered, the 50-watt Boom! ™ Box 4.3 is now located two inches closer to the rider for enhanced visibility of the brilliant color screen and an easier reach to the faceplate buttons. All infotainment functions are controlled through thumb-operated five-way joysticks located on the left and right hand controls. Two 5.25-inch speakers are optimized to the system and mounted in sealed-and-tuned enclosures. Equalization is optimized for the motorcycle environment and automatically adjusts the bass and treble levels to the volume for optimal sound quality at all motorcycle speeds. Fairing storage space includes a rubber-lined Jukebox media compartment with USB connection in the right side of the inner fairing.

The 2015 Road Glide is fully saturated with features generated by the customer-led Project RUSHMORE product development effort, from the stout 49mm forks and the High Output Twin Cam 103 powertrain, to the Enforcer cast-aluminum wheels, One-Touch saddlebag latches, and the improved instrument graphics and hand controls. Cruise control is standard on the Road Glide.


  • ROAD GLIDE® Premium Paint color
  • Rubber-mounted, Air-Cooled 1690 cc High Output Twin Cam 103™ engine with Integrated Oil-Cooler; finished in Black with chrome covers
  • 6-Speed Cruise Drive® transmission
  • Hydraulic clutch actuation
  • Electronic Cruise Control
  • Low-maintenance belt drive
  • Wind tunnel-tested shark-nose fairing with open/close triple Splitstream vents for reduced head buffeting; low smoked windshield and redesigned inner fairing
  • Dual Daymaker™ Reflector LED headlamps
  • Boom!™ Box 4.3 audio system with 25-watt per channel amplifier and two speakers
  • Jukebox media compartment with USB connection and One-Touch access door
  • Silver-faced gauges
  • Ergonomic handlebar offers reduced reach and comfortable wrist angle
  • Ergonomic hand controls with intuitive design and tactile feel
  • 49 mm forks, stiffer triple clamps and larger steering bearings
  • Streamlined, low-profile front fender
  • Injection-molded hard saddlebags with One-Touch design latch
  • Enforcer Cast Aluminum wheels; 19-inch diameter front wheel
  • Chrome 2-1-2 dual exhaust with tapered mufflers
  • Air-adjustable low profile rear suspension
  • Two-up sport seat
  • Streamliner rider footboards and passenger foot pegs
  • Stop/tail/turn LED rear lighting


From the new triple-vented fairing to the touchscreen GPS, the new Road Glide® motorcycles are loaded with more function and menacing style than the road’s ever seen.

New Handlebar

There’s a new handlebar on the Road Glide® motorcycle this year that makes the riding position more comfortable for a wider range of riders. The hand grips are now 5 1/2″ closer to the rider. It means no long stretch to reach the bars, allowing you to lay back and rack up the miles. 

New Fairing Design Reduces Head Buffeting

Over the years, riders of the Road Glide® motorcycle have put in more miles behind its fairing than you could count with a supercomputer. Its fatigue-reducing fixed frame design has made the Road Glide® motorcycle the choice of those who live to ride the big miles. It was good, but now it gets amazing. We went into the wind tunnel and out on the road to build the next Road Glide® motorcycle fairing. When you experience what we came back with, you’re simply not going to believe the ride. No fairing in the history of motorcycling has ever cut through the wind like this one does. It’s got triple splitstream vents that open and close to equalize pressure in front and behind the windscreen. In head-buffeting tests, it beats every other motorcycle on the road. Hands down. You’ve never experienced a ride like this. And that’s what Project RUSHMORE was all about. 

New Dual Daymaker™ Reflector LED Headlamps

Here are the stats: 85% more spread and 6% more punch on low beam, 35% more spread and 45% more punch on high beam. These are the numbers. What they translate to on the road is not feeling like it’s time to park the bike when the sun goes down. 

6.5-inch Full Color Touch Screen Display

This 6.5-inch full color touch screen puts all your information in front of you bigger than ever. Modern graphics, colors you can dial in, and auto and manual dim. Design to sit stylishly inside your fairing, it takes screen technology to an eye-popping level of Harley-Davidson functionality. This is more than you expect, but when you’re going all the way, it’s everything you deserve. 1 Optional on Road Glide. 2 Standard on Road Glide Special

Reflex™ Linked Brakes with ABS

No doubt about it, there are times when you need to haul things down in a hurry. And you don’t get to pick those times. Or decide whether they occur when you’re on a flat, smooth, dry, perfect stretch of pavement. That’s why our touring models feature the Reflex™ Linked Brakes with ABS. ABS turns a locked up front wheel or a rear wheel skid into a relic from riding’s history. And the front and rear brakes are electronically linked to provide exactly the right amount of brake to each tire no matter what the road condition is. No matter how good you are, this will make you a better rider. 1 Optional on Road Glide. 2 Standard on Road Glide Special.


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