2017 Harley-Davidson® FXSE CVO™ Pro Street Breakout®

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Stock number: U1158
VIN number: 1HD1TG918HB955191
Family: CVO
Condition: Pre-owned
Year: 2017
Mileage: 659mi
Color: Starfire Pearl / Scorched Apple
Location: Barnett Harley-Davidson®


2017 Harley-Davidson® FXSE CVO™ Pro Street Breakout®


The CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® gives you dark style and premium finishes with show-stopping paint. You get an Aggressor wheel mounted to a 240mm rear tire, forward controls, a race-inspired seat and low handlebar. A Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110B™ engine with a heavy breather intake, inverted forks and dual-disc front brakes mean the performance matches the power of its style.

Steeped in drag-racing attitude, the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® is a limited-production motorcycle with cutting-edge finishes, a darker look, and textures applied with an obsessive eye to design and detail. Powered by the Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110B™, the CVO Pro Street Breakout combines high-intensity performance with a long, muscular look that’s pure American street machine.


First introduced in 1999, the Custom Vehicle Operations range represents the pinnacle of Harley-Davidson craftsmanship. Each machine is hand assembled by a single technician, with hours of craft and care invested in producing the ultimate in factory customs. Each CVO motorcycle is part of a strictly limited edition utilizing the latest technology and finest components.

Location: Barnett Harley-Davidson El Paso 

Harley-Davidson® Factory Security System Standard

ABS Anti-Lock Braking System Standard 

Extended Service Plans Available on 15-calendar-year-old and newer motorcycles with fewer than 60K miles.



  • New high-end custom paint scheme with hand-applied      graphics 
  • Starfire Pearl / Scorched Apple W/Pinstripe
  • Race-inspired bucket seat with bolstered pillion and      CVO™ model badging
  • Race-inspired, color-matched speed screen fairing and      chin spoiler
  • Smoked Satin Chrome finish drag-style handlebar
  • Smoked Satin Chrome finish timer cover
  • 5-spoke Aggressor wheels
  • Slammed Gloss Black console with smoked, braided      stainless steel lines
  • Blacked-out Screamin’ Eagle® engine finish
  • Blacked-out Heavy Breather Elite Performance air cleaner
  • Black Profile Custom mirrors
  • Blacked-out staggered, blunt cut mufflers
  • Blacked-out Airflow Collection: Rider and passenger      footboard inserts, Shifter pegs, Brake pedal, Grips
  • Black LED headlamp
  • Chopped front fender


  • Bucket seat with bolstered pillion
  • Drag-style handlebar and forward foot controls for      aggressive riding position
  • Reduced reach brake lever


  • Triple clamp design and 43 mm inverted front forks
  • LED headlamp and stop/turn/tail lights
  • Dual-disc front brakes with ABS1
  • Ergonomic hand controls with intuitive design and      improved tactile feel
  • Electronic throttle control featuring electronic cruise      control with set, resume, accelerate and decelerate
  • Dunlop® H-D® Series 240 mm radial rear tire
  • Smoked Satin, 25.4 mm combination digital      speedometer/analog tachometer
  • Keyless ignition
  • H-D® Factory Security System2 with siren
  • Performance
  • 1801 cc, Air-cooled, Screamin’ Eagle®, Twin Cam 110B™      engine with Automatic Compression Release (ACR)
  • Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) with      heated O2 sensors
  • 6-Speed Cruise Drive® transmission with Isolated Drive      System (IDS) for smooth power delivery
  • Heavy Breather Elite Performance air cleaner
  • Rider-initiated Engine Idle Temperature Management      Strategy (EITMS)
  • Hydraulic clutch; Assist & Slip


Authentic Styling

One look at the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® and you’ll see a combination of race-inspired style and custom detailing unlike anything that’s ever rolled out of a factory and onto the street. The 110 cubic inch engine, the fat rear tire, speed screen, chin spoiler and aggressive stance scream pure American muscle. The finishes scream pure custom. From the premium paint to the controls to the finishes on the metal, we sweat every detail.

Iconic Engine

The CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® is The Motor Company’s premium take on custom American Muscle. There is only one engine in the world that can fit that bill: The Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110B™ engine. It’s the biggest power plant you can get in our line. And for this machine we gave it a CVO™ model exclusive. Notice the new smoked satin chrome finishes. This deep, sinister hue is a first in the motorcycling industry. And it’s exclusive to the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout®.


With its drag bar, forward foot controls and race-inspired seat, you can make the most of its 110 cubic inches of power. But the handling doesn’t stop there. From things like a high-performance clutch to dual disc front brakes, you get the latest features that make the ride better.


Aggressive Stance

Long, low and wide sums up the stance of the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout®. The look is aggressive and so is the riding position, thanks to the race-inspired seat, drag bar and forward controls.

Premium Dark Finishes

No surface on this machine was left untouched when it came to adding the styling details. The engine alone has three finishes. Let your eyes wander across the metal and you’ll see every shade. Satin chrome pipes and 5-Spoke Aggressor wheels. Only CVO™ models take it to this level of detail.

CVO™ Custom Paint

Harley-Davidson® Custom Vehicle Operation™ motorcycles set the world standard for paint on a factory custom motorcycle. The CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® is a prime example of that. The color is deep and rich. There’s a racing-inspired stripe on the fuel tank and rear fender that accentuates the aggressive lines of the motorcycle.

Blacked-Out, Blunt-Cut Mufflers

The Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110B™ engine pours its sound out to the street through staggered, 2-into-2, blacked-out, blunt-cut mufflers. You can recognize this bike with your eyes closed.

LED Lighting

You get the modern look and darkness-piercing power of an LED headlight, turn signals and brake light on the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout®.

All-New Front End

The look of the front end of the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® is custom muscle all the way. There’s a new chopped front fender and bracket, 43mm inverted front forks with black sliders and a new triple clamp held in place by three thick bolts on each side. The aggressive rake matches the aggressive look of the parts.

Race-Inspired Seat with Custom Badge

The seat of the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® was inspired by speed runs on the track. It keeps you tucked into the machine for a confident riding position. The finishing touch is a custom Harley-Davidson® CVO™ badge.

5-Spoke Aggressor Wheels

The wheels on the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® are a show all on their own. Notice how tightly the low-profile tyres wrap the 5-spoke, gloss black 

Aggressor wheels.

New Smoked Satin Chrome Finish

There’s a new smoked satin chrome finish on the pipes, push rods, cylinder heads and timer cover. We’re the first to bring this deep, sinister finish to the metal on a motorcycle. Then we put it next to black for a layered effect.

Race-Inspired Speed Screen and Chin Spoiler

The CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® brings race-inspired attitude to the street, and the fixed speed screen and color-matched chin spoiler. Racing is in our blood.

Blacked Out Airflow Collection Controls

The CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® is custom, wheel to wheel, top to bottom. Look all you want. Try to find a piece on this machine that wasn’t hit with a custom touch. The controls are from our Airflow Collection, blacked out to fit the dark style of this machine. Footboards, shifter pegs, brake pedal and hand grips with knurled inserts. The closer you look, the more you see.

Side-Mounted License Plate

There’s no license plate bracket on the fender to obscure the view of the massive rear tire for anyone you leave in your wake. The side-mounted license plate leaves the look of the rear fender tight, clean and custom.

Custom Low Profile Console

The tank console on this motorcycle is simple, elegant and hugs the tank tight for a clean look. Two braided steel lines with our new smoked satin finish top off the tank in CVO™ model style.

240mm Rear Tire

The fat rubber on the back of the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® comes straight out of school of American muscle. It hooks up hard with the pavement when the light goes from red to green.

Keyless Ignition and H-D® Factory Security System with Siren

The convenience of keyless ignition and a factory-installed security system that arms and disarms automatically comes standard with the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout®. Just approach or walk away from the motorcycle with your fob, and the system does all the work for you.


Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110B™ Engine with new smoked chrome finishes

Let your eyes take a run over the Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110B™ engine sitting center frame in the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout®. You’re looking at 110 cubic inches of Harley-Davidson® V-Twin power, the result of generations of building the engines that truly move a rider. It delivers massive torque to the pavement and a soul-satisfying sound to the ears.

6-Speed Cruise Drive® Transmission

The CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® delivers the power from its 110 cubic inch Screamin’ Eagle® engine to its fat rubber via our smooth-shifting 6-Speed Cruise Drive® transmission. You get massive torque on the low end, and smooth power delivery all the way up through the gears.


Smoked Satin Drag Bar

The drag bar on the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® has a new smoked satin finish to add an extra level of custom style. But, rest assured, it isn’t just there for looks. The handlebar, seating position and forward controls keep you ready for acceleration when the light turns green.

Hydraulic Assist & Slip Clutch

Kicking through the gear box feels as premium as everything else on the one-of-a-kind machine thanks to a hydraulic Assist & Slip clutch.

Dual Disc Front Brakes, Reduced Reach Lever

The CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® features high-performance dual front disc brakes. It’s an unmistakable sign of the racing heritage at the heart of this machine. It also features a reduced reach lever that puts the stopping power easily within your grasp.

Electronic Throttle Control and Cruise Control

There’s no throttle cable cluttering up the lines on the handlebar of the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout®. You get the clean look and quick response of electronic throttle control. And thanks to standard cruise control, you get to ride easy on long stretches of uninterrupted highway.


Length: 91.7in
Fuel Capacity: 5.0gal
Dry Weight: 701lbs
Seat Height: 26.0in
Engine: Screamin' Eagle® Air-cooled, Twin Cam 110B™
Displacement: 109.90in3
Engine torque: 109.2ft-lb
Front: 5-Spoke Aggressor
Rear: 5-Spoke Aggressor


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2017 Harley-Davidson® FXSE CVO™ Pro Street Breakout®

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